2018 Tax Refund FAQs

We’ve put together the answers to the most common tax questions we received from Chime Members last year. Please note that we receive a high volume of calls and inquiries during tax season. To avoid long wait times, please check to see whether your question has already been answered below.

Q: What is the status of my tax refund?

Chime will always post your refund to your account immediately. If you don’t see your tax refund yet, we haven’t received it – and our agents won’t have any information on when it will be available. The best way to find your estimated refund date is to visit IRS.gov, then click on the Refunds link. If your refund date has passed, please contact the IRS for more information.


Q: How do I deposit my tax refund to my Chime Account?

According to IRS.gov, direct deposit is the “best and fastest way to get your tax refund.” Find out how to set up direct deposit for your tax refund here.


Q: If I get my tax refund as a paper check, can I deposit it via Mobile Check Deposit?

It depends. Contact us through the Chime app to find out if your tax refund check can be deposited through Mobile Check Deposit.


Q: I’m expecting a large tax refund. Are there any limits to the amount I can direct deposit?

You can direct deposit any amount to your Chime Spending Account. If you are receiving a large deposit from the IRS or your payroll provider, we will post it to your account as normal. We’ll send you an email and push notification as soon as your deposit arrives.


Q: Can I deposit a tax refund that is in the name of my domestic partner, spouse, dependent, or child?

You cannot deposit someone else’s tax refund into your Chime Account. We can only post a deposit to your Chime Account if it matches the name on your account.


Q: Does Chime accept joint refunds?

Yes, you can deposit your joint refund into your Chime Account. If you file jointly, your partner’s name may also appear on your tax refund. That’s okay. To be deposited, our system needs to match just one of the names on the direct deposit to the name on your account.

If you recently got married, make sure to update the name on your Chime Account so that it matches the name on your tax return.


Q: Will I get my tax refund up to 2 days early?

No. We can’t guarantee that your refund will come earlier than the estimated date provided by the IRS.


Q: Why was my tax refund returned?

If you filed your tax refund under a different name, attempted to deposit someone else’s tax refund into your Chime Account, or accidentally used the wrong account number when you filed, your tax refund will be returned. The most common reason tax refunds and direct deposits are returned is because the name on the direct deposit does not match the name on the Chime Account.

If your tax refund has been returned, it is on its way back to the IRS. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience but we cannot undo this.


Q: If my tax refund was returned, how do I get it now?

Any tax refund that gets returned to the IRS will be sent out as a physical check to the address you listed when you filed your taxes. This process can take up to 90 days. You can learn more about this process on IRS.gov.


Q: What happens if I made a mistake while filing my taxes?

If your tax refund has not yet been sent, you can call the IRS to stop it. Their toll-free number is 1-800-829-1040.

If you provided the wrong account or routing number when you filed your taxes and your refund has already been sent by the IRS, your refund will be returned to the IRS. Read more about this process on IRS.gov.


Q: What are my spending and withdrawal limits?

Your spending limit is $2500 every 24 hours. Spending limits apply to transactions for which you swipe your card or use your card number to make purchases online.

ATM withdrawals, Over The Counter cash withdrawals, funds withdrawn at a POS, and purchases are all subject to the $2,500 maximum amount that can be spent using the card per day. Any fees incurred will count towards the daily spend limits.

Your withdrawal limit is $1500 every 24 hours. Withdrawal limits refer to how much cash you can withdraw from your account. In a 24 hour period, you can withdraw:

  • Up to $500 via ATMs
  • Up to $500 via cash back at a point of sales (POS)
  • Up to $500 via over the counter withdrawals at participating bank locations

Participating bank locations include Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi, US Bank, USAA, Fidelity, PNC Bank, Capital One 360, TD Bank, SunTrust, Navy Federal & Charles Schwab.


Q: Can you increase my spending and withdrawal limits?

No. Our spending and withdrawal limits are controlled by our holding bank and cannot be changed at this time.


Q: My refund is less than it should be. What should I do?

If your tax refund is less than you were expecting, we recommend reaching out to the IRS. Please note that if you have Save When I Get Paid enabled, 10% of your tax refund will be deposited automatically into your Chime Savings Account.