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Embrace Your Political Power By Rocking The Vote this Election

It’s not every day we’re given the chance to help shape the direction of our country. For the first time ever, the number of Millennials eligible to vote (69.2 million) matches that of the Baby Boomer generation (69.7 million).

Although as a group we now have the greatest political power, we are also the least likely to vote—an ironic fact since the majority of our Founding Fathers was under the age of 40 when the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. In fact, Thomas Jefferson was 33, Millennial age, when he drafted the historic document that birthed our nation.

Coming of age during the financial crisis of 2008, with student loan debt that has topped $1.3 trillion, it’s not surprising that we’re frustrated with government. A Pew Research Center study found over two-thirds of Millennials believe politicians are working for self-gain and are not adhering to our top concerns: student debt, job opportunity, and environmental issues.

When we asked Millennials in their junior and senior year of college to rank the most important issues in this presidential race, job creation topped the list followed by fixing health care, protecting the rights of women, and making college affordable.

We clearly have issues we’re passionate about, yet a recent Harvard survey stated only 7% of Millennials reported participating in a government, political or issue-related organization during the past year.

Still, that doesn’t mean we aren’t active in our communities. The same survey also showed one-third of Millennials participate in community service. We have a clear desire to make a difference, and now we have the power to make a real impact.

If this election cycle has taught us anything, it’s that it won’t be decided by corporations, the elite, or special interests. It will be decided by millions of people making their voices heard at the ballot box. From Donald Trump riding a wave of populist support to the nomination to Bernie Sander’s famous $27 average donation, grassroots support, and individual contributions have helped these candidates earn credibility and reshape the course of the 2016 presidential election.

Just as we’ve disrupted technology, creating social and mobile platforms that have completely reinvented the way we all communicate, Millennials have the opportunity to use our voices, our time, our influence, and our dollars to prioritize the issues we care about.

The Republican National Convention will be held July 18-21st and the Democratic National Convention is July 25-28th. It’s time to tune in, get informed, and take action! Regardless of your party affiliation, Chime and Rock the Vote want you to start getting involved in this election.

So, where should you start? First, register to vote. You’ll be surprised how easy it is. Don’t believe us? Watch President Obama share 5 things that are harder than registering to vote.

Next, donate to organizations that are helping register, educate, and engage other Millennials. When you make a donation of $25 or more with your Chime card to Rock the Vote, Chime will now give you $5.00 back!

It’s time to make history. Let Chime help you do it.


5 Ways to #ChimeIn for Hunger This Holiday Season

Two months ago Chime called attention to the staggering problem of food insecurity in America with our Chime In for Hunger campaign in support of  Feeding America. Many of our members responded to the call and we want to thank those who contributed.

As we gather together this holiday season to celebrate with traditions of food, gift giving, and time with friends and family, our thoughts are with those struggling to get by or put food on the table. There are close to 49 million Americans living in food-insecure households, including 32.8 million adults and 15.3 million children. These statistics are truly hard to stomach, particularly this time of year. That’s why we’re sharing a few tips on how you can make a difference, starting with your local community.

1. Donate your time.

  • Join a local gleaning group. Gleaning groups assist with picking fruit and vegetable crops that would otherwise go to waste. Volunteering with a gleaning group is a great way to make a difference while affording you the opportunity to learn about local agriculture.
  • Volunteer at a food bank in your area. Millions of families depend on meals provided through local food banks and pantries, and those facilities rely on volunteers to help sort, bag and distribute food.

Some of our team members here at Chime recently lent a hand at the San Francisco Food Bank. In just a few hours our volunteer group packaged 660 boxes of pears and 500 pounds of rice for distribution to various partners and pantries across local counties. 

2. Donate money.

  • Food banks, as well as other non-profit organizations that fight hunger, rely heavily on grants and cash donations. Food banks buy food in bulk and at discounted rates, so a donation of $1 can purchase $20 worth of food for a family in need.  You can donate directly to your local food bank, or through organizations such as Feeding America.

3. Reduce waste through recovery and donation.

  • Hosting a party? Donate the leftover food. Work with your school to ensure that unused food is bequeathed to a pantry or food bank.
  • Hire a gleaning group to yield the fruit on your land and give the harvest to a local food bank.

4. Host a food drive.

  • Consider coordinating a food drive and requesting participants donate food or a few dollars which nonprofits can use to buy food at an exponential discount.

5. Raise awareness.
The easiest way to do your part in solving the problem of food insecurity is to bring the issue into the mainstream. You can Chime In For Hunger in one of these simple ways:

  • Host a charitable dinner at your school or home to promote discussions about solving poverty and hunger issues.
  • Share this list with friends and family and ask them to join forces so you can Chime in for Hunger together.

No matter how you choose to help, any contribution of your time and resources can make a difference for those less fortunate. Tell us how you plan to Chime in for Hunger in the comments.


#ChimeIn for Education

If there’s one cause that hits close to home for all of us, it’s education. More and more, public schools in the U.S. are falling short when it comes to providing basic supplies. Many students in our country today do not have the books they need to develop a love of reading or the equipment needed to keep high school athletics alive.

This month, we’re highlighting DonorsChoose.org, an organization that crowdsources funding for classroom supplies and project. Think Kickstarter meets the PTA.

Through DonorsChoose, public school teachers from all across America create classroom project requests and allow donors to give any amount. You also have the option to tell others why you gave to a specific project and, for an extra tug on your heart, the students will send you handwritten thank you letters. There’s no better way to make a difference directly where it’s needed the most.

Helping a classroom grow and seeing how excited the students are about learning will bring you back to your happiest first days back to school. And, as if you need any more incentive, we’ll give you $5.00 back when you donate $25.00 or more to DonorsChoose.org in September.

Together, we can all help make a difference through an investment that will pay back for years to come.


Let’s #ChimeIn for Nepal

Weeks after the earthquake hit, Nepal still needs our help.

Though it’s easy for our attention to shift with the latest news cycle, Nepal still needs our help. New reports continue to shed light on the immense impact of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake. Up to 90 percent of clinics and schools have been destroyed, and the need there is growing.

Today we’re adding our support to the cause by encouraging Chime members to donate by giving them more spending power when they donate to UNICEF using Chime this month. If you’re considering contributing to the relief effort, whether you’re a Chime member or not, it’s important to do your homework on how best to help. A common tip is to avoid sending physical goods, and instead donate to organizations that you can trust. A great resource is Charity Navigator which has a helpful guide to giving in times of crisis as well as a list of current, four-star rated organizations such as UNICEF that allow donors to designate their contribution specifically to the relief effort in Nepal.

Chime’s mobile banking app is designed for a generation of consumers looking for a better way of banking, and one that also cares about giving back. A 2014 Millennial Impact Report shows that 87 percent of millennials gave to non-profits last year. They’re 80 million strong with more than $200 billion in annual spending power. At Chime, we’re dedicated to helping our members get more out of every dollar they earn and spend, and today we’re hopeful that we can help turn that spending power into spending that makes a difference.

Let’s #ChimeIn together for Nepal.

Chris Britt
Chime Co-founder & CEO

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