5 Most Common Reactions After Switching to a Bank With No Fees

  1. Freedom! The first month you check your statement and see that there are no inexplicable fees and you start to accept that yes, there is such a thing as a bank with no unnecessary fees.
  2. The excitement starts to grow the next month – no one is trying to fool you. There’s no fine print. No catch. This is the start of something beautiful, and the excitement starts to take over.  
  3. The gentle whisper of joy is gaining momentum, turning into a waterfall of excitement. It starts to take over as you go your third straight month without any unnecessary fees.
  4. What’s that? You’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to see random amounts of money taken away from your account for no good reason? Might as well do a little celebratory dancing.
  5. And finally – that slow, calm, confident acceptance that all is right with the world. Well, it’s at least alright with your no fee bank account.