5 Banking Fees to Avoid and Their Horror Movie Counterpart

Nothing is scarier than getting your hard-earned money taken out of your bank account, for simply no reason. You work too hard to pay unnecessary fees, and banks have so many account options, it’s hard to see when and why your account is being charged. Let’s break down some of the most notorious fees out there.

  1. Overdraft Fees – AKA: Michael Myers

    • This is the Godfather of hidden bank fees, the original account consuming monsters that should be avoided at all costs. Sure, you can get overdraft protection, which you will pay for, but wouldn’t it be nice to slay this Shatner faced monster once and for all, and find a banking solution that doesn’t require you to pay to protect your money?
  2. ATM Fees – AKA: Jason Voorhees 

    • Another original horror villain that is so easy to avoid, if you bank at the right place. Just like Jason, atm fees prey on young college-age kids who are just trying to go out and have a good time without paying $4.50 to access their money.
  3. Fine Print Fees – AKA: Leatherface 

    • Hidden in plain sight, this monster is just waiting for you to make a mistake that will cost you an arm and a leg. When you entrust a financial institution with your money, they should be honest and upfront about costs, not waiting to trap you.
  4. Minimum Balance Fee – AKA: Freddy Kruger 

    • Just like dreaming, you can’t always help your financial situation. When you are trying to pinch pennies, the last thing you can afford is a fee from your bank for not having enough money in your account. Rest easy and find a bank that doesn’t charge you to keep a certain amount in your account.
  5. Charging for Paper Statements – AKA: Chucky

    • The absurdity of the idea of Chucky was conceived in the same idea factory as charging people to get their own paper statements. Find a bank where you can access all of your old transactions online and just print them out yourself. This is an easy fee to avoid, just like Chucky was an easy villain to avoid.