3 Reasons You Should Be Free to Bank From Wherever

We’re young, busy, and we value efficiency, especially when it comes to banking. The best savings account is online, and 100% of transactions happen from our phone. You deserve a bank that gets you. Here’s why life is just too short for traditional banking.

  1. You Don’t Have Time to “Go to the Bank

    • Okay, so you’re up early for work. It’s a busy morning, then your boss takes the whole team out to lunch – can’t say no. The afternoon gets away from you and it’s 6 pm before your project is finished. Time to head to the gym for an hour, then dinner with your parents who just got into town for a weekend visit. When were you supposed to “go to the bank” to deposit that check you got for babysitting your neighbor’s kid last weekend? There’s just no time for it. That’s why the best savings accounts are online and accessible from anywhere.
  2. You Could Be Literally Anywhere

    • When the old banks first started out, most of their customers probably didn’t take a week long vacation to a tropical paradise once a year. Nor did they fly to Chicago every other month for work. But times have changed, and this is your reality. The best online savings account will reflect that.
  3. You Don’t Want to Leave the House

    • Saturday finally came around. It’s been a super long week and sure, the sun is finally shining, but you’d just rather binge on House of Cards and hang with your cat all day. One of the best parts about living in our time is that you probably won’t be judged for this decision. In fact, there’s a good chance you’ll be seen as a hero to your yes-to-everything friends who are currently at the busiest burrito spot in the city and want nothing more than to be living your life right now. We digress. The point is, if you don’t want to leave the house, you shouldn’t have to, and you bank shouldn’t make you.