Welcome to the Chime Weekly Roundup! Each week we bring you a roundup of the best money tips, tricks and hacks that will help you, and your friends, lead healthier financial lives.

Whether it’s big life changes like moving in with your partner, or that yearly tax refund you are anxious to get back, any of us can get a little stressed about money from time to time. With a little tact, and some financial knowledge, your money moves will be nothing but mindful.

1. What to say to the friend who is eager to get their refund back as fast as possible…

Try direct deposit. Employ technology to make sure you get your refund quickly, rather than relying upon older, slower methods. Ensure you include all the necessary information with your return so the IRS is not having to reach out for your address or routing information. Also, you can stay up to date on when your return arrives by using Chime’s real-time alerts.

2. What to say to your friend who is thinking about moving in with their significant other…

Have you had the money talk? Make sure you have a chat about how you see finances, and address any differences before deciding to move in together. Before you know it you might have a joint bank account without realizing that your partner in crime is all about spending rather than saving.

3. What to say to your friend who gets stressed about money…

Take a look at the brain science. Understanding how money affects you on a deeper level can help you learn to avoid making risky financial decisions and calm your brain in the process.

We hope you enjoyed this weeks weekly roundup, and of course your weekly roundup bonus from being enrolled in our Automatic Savings program!

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