Life is better with friends. And, life is better with Chime. That’s why we’ve made it easier to invite your friends to join Chime and introduced Pay Friends, a new feature that lets you instantly send money to other Chime members.

Square up with the roomies for your share of rent and utilities, split the lunch bill without throwing down multiple cards, or chip in for that last round of drinks without opening your wallet. With Pay Friends, the money moves instantly so there’s no waiting for funds to arrive.

Starting today you can also choose a Chime Nickname, which makes it even easier to send money via Pay Friends. To use Pay Friends, log into the Chime app or website, go to Move Money, and look for the Pay Friends option. You can search for friends who use Chime by their phone number, email address or their Chime Nickname. Select the Chime member you want to pay, enter the payment amount, and submit. The funds will be instantly transferred from your account and your friend will be notified that the funds are available in their Chime account.

At Chime, we’re always working on ways to simplify your finances so you can manage all of your expenses in one place. Now you can easily invite your friends to make the switch to Chime, and with Pay Friends, you can instantly send them money without the hassle of dealing with cash or checks.

If you love Chime, there’s no better time to share the love. Log into your account now to choose your Nickname, and tell your friends and family why they might love Chime, too.

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Shane Steele

Shane is the VP of Marketing at Chime. When she's not helping people live healthier financial lives, she can be found on the beach volleyball court. 🏐