If you’re looking for some last-minute gift ideas, why not put your imagination to the test and invest in a gift to remember? Instead of endowing another pair of cashmere socks or a keyboard waffle maker this year, try for a gift with personal meaning or inspirational purpose.

Here we’ve curated some of the best gift guide lists to help you find that perfect gift with heart, even at the last minute.

Get Charitable.
Nick Kristof’s “Gifts with Meaning” is a perceptive look at charitable causes around the globe. For instance, CureBlindness, an aptly named organization combating blindness in Asia and Africa, performs cataract surgeries completed in 10 minutes at a cost of $25 an eye. What is more fulfilling than knowing you granted someone the gift of sight?

Rather than breaking the bank on impersonal items, flex those creative muscles by whipping up something memorable at home. The Huffington Post rounded up 15 simple ideas to help you get started.

Get Personal.    
This holiday season, give the people on your list gifts that have their names written all over it (literally). Buzzfeed offers a comprehensive guide featuring unique personalized items.

Memorialize It.
The art of immortalizing memories is not lost. Real Simple shares inventive ways to get your photos “out of the attic (or off your iPhone) and into your life.” Also, Pictli, a mobile app, seamlessly lets you frame your favorite digital pics and send them to loved ones along with an affectionate handwritten note.

So, have we convinced you to ditch convention and gift with heart this holiday season?

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