Whether you’re a devoted home cook, a regular with the Postmates delivery guy, or a Michelin star chef, food is an important part of life no matter where it falls in your Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Here at Chime, we’re setting the table for a dinner party discussion (here come the metaphors!) of the role food plays in our lives. It’s the third largest expense in most households, so we’re digging into meaty ideas that will help us eat well, make smart financial choices, and enjoy our time at the table.

What’s on the menu? (Sorry, we can’t help it.)

  • How can we balance our concerns about eating ethically with our desire for a really great burger?
  • Could our phones be doing more work for us in the kitchen?
  • Can you have a delicious and nutritionally rich diet without emptying your wallet?

And that’s just for starters.

Food is more than just fuel for humans. It’s also big business, a form of art, an environmental issue — and it’s deliciously social. That’s why we’d like to hear about the role food plays in your daily life. Do you eat to live or live to eat? What’s a hassle and what’s fun? How do you make smart choices about what’s in your fridge, on your plate, in your belly? Scribble us a note on your napkin or drop us an email at stories@chimecard.com and join us for (last one, promise) a potluck conversation about good food and good living.

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Shane Steele

Shane is the VP of Marketing at Chime. When she's not helping people live healthier financial lives, she can be found on the beach volleyball court. 🏐