It’s August, which not only means that school is just around the corner, it means kids are out there soaking up that unforgettable back to school experience. Remember that feeling? The crisp new backpack, the shiny new sneakers, and the fresh stack of notepads made the end of summer feel like the beginning of something new. 

We’re all grown up now, but if that means giving up kid-like joy, then growing up is seriously overrated. For August, we thought we’d do something about that by creating a reward that makes grownups feel like kids again. Sure, you may not need Pee-Chee folders and Trapper Keepers anymore, and the days of showing off your style with a rad textbook cover are probably over, but there’s still hope.

To help you recapture that feeling from the good old days, we’ve curated a set of rewards personalized just for you with savings at great retailers in honor of National Back to School Month. Make sure you grab them before the bell rings.

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