It’s About Chime.

We asked you to help us name our blog—and you certainly delivered. As we read through the 150 plus submissions, we laughed, smiled, scratched our heads, and sometimes did all three at once.

Most of the suggestions had one thing in common: a play on the word “time.” Clearly time is on our side, but how to pick? Your puns included clever plays on phrases from movies (This Chime Around, From Time to Time), common sayings (The Chime of Our Lives, Chime is of the Essence), song titles (Time Is On My Side, As Chime Goes By), even YouTube sensations (Ain’t Nobody Got Chime for That). To the person who submitted “Cloudy With A Chance of Chime,” we like the way you think.

In the end, we selected the winning name because it fit like a glove. The Chime Blog, now known as It’s About Chime will serve up news and helpful updates about our products and service. We’ll keep you informed about great rewards and helpful tips to save money with Chime, and how we can Chime In together on the important causes of today.

But It’s About Chime is also about you, our Chime members. We’ll share stories about our members that have inspiring strategies for saving more, doing more, and living a more rewarding life. On that note–if you’re interested in being featured in our blog, or if have a suggestion for a post, drop us a note any time at

Congratulations to our winner Tyson S. of Naperville, IL who submitted the winning name, and thank you to everyone who took the time to submit suggestions. We do things a little differently here at Chime, and we always love to see the enthusiasm and creativity of our members!

The Chime Team

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