Who says you have to plan a weekend getaway far in advance in order to get a great deal? Thanks to HotelTonight you can spend less time shopping for deals and more time living in the moment.

At Chime we’re all about helping you save more so you can do more. That’s why we’re partnering with HotelTonight to help you save time and money when you book your next escape.

The HotelTonight app lets you to find last-minute deals at some of the best hotels around the world, and their new Escape feature allows you to effortlessly plan quick trips close to home. Download the HotelTonight app, book your escape and pay with Chime to save $10.00 when you spend $100.00 or more.

Spontaneous adventure and serious savings can be yours, starting tonight. Get the app now at HotelTonight.com.

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Shane Steele

Shane is the VP of Marketing at Chime. When she's not helping people live healthier financial lives, she can be found on the beach volleyball court. 🏐